I had Jack and Morris install a new air handler for my newly finished house. I would like to complement their high level of expertise in the field. They worked efficiently and kept informing me on the progress.

Becky Lap

I think it has been 8 years since we started working together. I no longer suffer any AC related problems. Your products are long lasting and your services are prompt.

Christi Faria

My wife kept repeating how fast your team fixed our hating system. We were always afraid that we would not afford to install a heating system from scratch. Your affordable budget helped us a great deal. Thank you.

Ricardo Luis & Gloria

I have ever had a closer business relationship with any of my previous contracted workers. I always left workers to do their business and leave when it was done. Your team spared their time to communicate what they were doing and the progress. They had set 3 days to have completed the work. By noon of the second day, they already were through. I would not go for any other company for any of my AC needs. I felt part of the whole project myself.

Caroline Prince

Your central management system is one of the best. You always assure that the team working on a project is doing its job accordingly.

Rita S. Simons

The thermostat you installed in my AC unit is regulating my house’ temperature accordingly. Thank you!

D. Roosevelt

I have a new furnace that I would like installed in the same deadline and quality services you installed my AC.

sir. Remy Knight

You always make time to come for maintenance services. I never have to suffer unexpected AC related failures.


My garage used to feel like an oven. Furthermore, the dust made it worse. When you installed an air cooling and filtering system, the whole thing changed all together. I can now work for long hours in the garage. My little boy even comes to disturb me with his football in the garage. He never used to do that!

Brandon Took

Inform Abel that the air ducts he replaced for me are working perfectly. Surely, those were top quality air ducts.

Ms. Marleen

I was doing one of my usual walks around the compound about a month ago. I heard some irregular sounds coming from my AC unit outside. The fan was rotating in an irregular manner. It would speed up then slow down on its own. The AC unit had been installed by another company for a ridiculous price. When I called your company, a team of experts did a diagnosis on the unit. They found the problem to be some mismatching air duct pipes and the blower compartment. They fixed it and replaced the mismatch with new equipment. It is now working properly. Thank you very much for that, guys. Your services were really appreciated.

Elvis S.Omancio

I have to admit, if all your workers are like mike, then people with AC related problems are in good hands in your company. The level of courtesy and professionalism in mike amazed me to the core!

Larry J.